Mozilla Firefox 35.0

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The Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Even though it needs no introduction, Mozilla Firefox is considered to be one of the best Internet browsers. The most characteristic features of this browser are that it is free, quick and with a lot of interesting features that make it more efficient than ever.

It has a series of features that make it one of the most complete web browsers that exist, and is still easy to use. Mozilla Firefox lets you surf via tabs in the same window, passing from one to the other without needing to open new windows and with the advantage of taking up less space in the taskbar of your operating system. Among many other options, it includes an orthographic corrector and, after closing it, the chance to open the last page you were visiting when you open it again.

This new Mozilla Firefox edition has all the characteristics of the original, plus a series of improvements that have been added, like a small task administrator, an intelligent address bar, bookmarking with one click, website identifier, etc. It also has improvements that make it the most secure browser you can find.

And as if that weren`t enough, you can complete the Mozilla Firefox functions with a series of plug-ins, skins and complements that you can download freely from the author`s website. Discover a new way of browsing with Mozilla Firefox.


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